Welcome To Portland Oregon’s Children’s Club Inc


Children’s Club Inc. originated in 1967 and was incorporated in 1969. The facility is located at 3520 SE Yamhill Street in SE Portland, Oregon. Children’s Club offers quality childcare for 2 ½ to 12 (5th grade) years of age. A state recognized Preschool and before and after care, as well as summer camps are  the core of  our affordable services. A sliding fee scale assures accessibility to all income levels. We also offer a wide range of  cost free resources to families including, a clothing and supply closet and a food and product pantry. Our clients receive Extra education in the form of budgeting /coupon workshops and award winning parenting classes.

Our early intervention services include  dental, medical, mental health, and vision screenings.

Our programs include youth to elder community outreach and accountability through family service requirements. Our center hosts employment opportunities for at risk youth and offers cohesive support to families through partnerships with The Youth Employment institute and Morrison Family Services.

Clearly Children’s Club is committed to children and families on many levels and two of our strongest themes are fitness and nutrition. Whenever possible, Children’s Club connects with other nonprofit agencies to provide athletic and extra curricular scholarships as well as extended care to facilitate participation. With the help of dedicated volunteers and staff, nutrition, food preparation and preservation, and menu planning classes also contribute to educating our community about wholesome eating habits.

At Children’s club, we look forward to continuing a long tradition of evolving to meet the challenges that face the families of our communities.



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