“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Children’s club began as S.E. Portland’s first cooperative preschool in 1967. At the time, many of our children were living in single parent households as a result of the Vietnam war. The expectation that the parents of enrolled children would spend days assisting in the classroom became unrealistic when many single mothers had to return to work outside of the home full time. When we began the service requirement portion of our program many years ago it was a solution to an increasing concern. Children’s Club staff did not have the extra time or finances to to meet the constantly growing needs of the program. We did not consider raising our rates to be a solution that would encourage the stability of our families. With the pooling of skills, time and donations we not only found a way to manage the needs of the center but allowed our families to become key facilitators in it’s success. Our program remains a “cooperative” as long as we are all invested in the daily operations of it’s function. Please remember to submit your service hours at the end of each month unless you have an ongoing commitment. Some ongoing service opportunities have opened up recently and will be posted on the blackboard outside of the S.O.P. room. Thank you to everyone for making this a special place for growth and community.